Glittering Tattoo

Glittering tattoo is glamorous, especially to children and teenagers. We offer a huge range of coloured glitter which allows designs to give gradient shading. Coloured Glitter is polyester cosmetic body glitter and the adhesive chosen is latex-free and non-toxic. It is waterproof which is perfect for pool-side party. Glittering tattoo would last for 5-7 days and can be removed by rubbing alcohol or baby oil.

Nail Art

Nail art is a good choice if you are planning a princess or teenage girls party. Kids can choose from a range of different coloured nail polish, including neon colour, glitter and nail stickers. 

Hair Styling

Hair wrap or hair styling is an interesting add on for your party. It is a colourful and fun way to add a temporary creative look to natural hair.

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