Personalized banner || Stand || Foamboard

Personalized banners and stands could serve as a welcoming sign or backdrop in a customized decorative way. It is an excellent background for photo taking that highlights your party. It sets the tone of your party and helps tying the theme together. 

Themed Balloon Backdrop

Balloon Backdrop is stunning. It creates a focal point to your party and looks spectacular in pictures. Balloon sculptures are something both children and adults would appreciate.

Foil & Latex Balloons

Balloon columns and sculptures are fabulous choices when decorating. It could serve as a backdrop, or you may place it by the door or by the turns and corners. It is a very flexible decoration tool.

Foil and latex balloons with or without helium are attractive to children. It lightens up every corners of your party room and it is an awesome souvenir for guests to take home with.

Customized Piñata || Greeting Card

Piñata is a popular game in birthday parties. Having a customized piñata is an interesting add on.

Customized greeting card is a collage of birthday messages from friends. It preserves memory in a gorgeous way.

Goodie Bags

We offer goodie bags in different themes. Please contact us for more details.

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