Arts & Crafts

Treasure Box

Decorating your own wooden treasure box with friends is a sweet shared experience. It is a great souvenir to take home with.

Photo Frame

Photo frame made of wood can be easily decorated with stickers, markers and mosaic tiles. You can keep your precious moment in a personalized photo frame.

Sand Art

Putting different colour of sand in a bottle is simply beautiful and satisfying. Coloured sand materials are kept in squeeze bottles, which is safe and easy to work with. It is a craft that both children and adult would enjoy.

Christmas Crafts

Christmas is a time for joyful decoration. Children can decorate their own Christmas hat, wear a snap-on with their design, put LED Christmas ornaments and sand bottles on the Christmas tree. Ho Ho Ho!!!

Easter Crafts

Decorate your Easter egg, decorate your own bunny ears, make your own bunny and get ready for egg hunt.

And More

More kind of crafts such as puzzles, masks and wind chimes are available. Please contact us for more details.

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