Face Painting

Face Painting

Face painting is one of the most requested entertainments in parties. It goes with different party themes and gives an enchanted feeling to your party. Children can relate themselves as their favorite animal, hero or cartoon character. It is wonderful for photos, serving as a memorable gift for children and guests.  

All paints are FDA approved and water based, which can be easily washed off by water and soap.

Arm Design

Arm painting is an alternative option for face painting. Children can choose to have paintings on arms if they would like to go for a tattoo-like style or would like to try out body painting for the first time. It is a good choice for children at young age or teenagers.

Festive Design

There are no limits in painting, designs ranging from festivals to company logos can be achieved. It contributes to the festive atmosphere that suits your needs. Let us know what your party theme is in advance, that would certainly help us create better and suitable designs.

Black Light Party

We offer paintings that are UV reactive, which glows under Ultraviolet light. All paints are FDA approved and water based, which can be easily washed off by water and soap.

Both children and adults would be intrigued. If you are planning a party in a dark environment, a laser tag party for instance, setting up a UV station for face paint would be a special touch. 

Please specify UV painting when booking.

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