Children's Party || School Show 

Having a Kid's show is often the first thing comes to mind when organizing a party for children. It is one of the most popular entertainments and always in high demand. Volunteers would be invited to join the magic or juggling tricks in performance. It is a time for family and friends to relax and have fun.

Kid's shows are also good for school events or fundraising. A show can entertain several hundreds of people at one time.

Close-up Magic || Cocktail Party Magic

Close-up magic is performed in an intimate and relax setting with audience in small groups. A roving magician would approach you and your guests, and perform magic right in front of you. It is magic that interacts a lot with audience, and audience could feel the impact of magic up close.

It is perfect for cocktail parties, yacht parties and annual dinner.

Roving Juggling

 Roving juggling includes balls and clubs juggling, plate spinning, poi spinning, diabolo and fire roving performance. Roving juggler is great for meet and greets sessions. Jugglers are often asked to take picture with guests, and audience can even learn a few tricks from jugglers in some occasions.

It is great for fun fairs, fundraising eventsand parties with a carnival theme. 

Stage Show

Stage show is for a large scale of audience to enjoy.

It is suitable for wedding and corporate events.

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